Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic in partnership with MALO CLINIC takes pride to welcome you to our well-equipped dental clinic combined with excellent dental treatments and to maintain your dental health as well as to improve your nice and natural looking smile. ( implants Bangkok )

At Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, we do a thorough examination. Because your dental health is important, we thus put our effort to ensure that your treatments lasts a long time.m Bangkok Treatment time will vary depending on your situation. It is possible to get well functioning and esthetic looking teeth within a few days. In some cases it may be necessary to wait a longer time period before finishing the restoration in order to obtain the best results.


Explanation of dental implants. Natural teeth.

Teeth are not only essential for life as chewing tools, but they are also an important element of our harmonious facial expression, and thus of our personal charisma. Distinct, unmistakable facial expressions and untroubled laughter are determined to a great extent by the appearance of the teeth. Healthy and cared-for teeth are a vital requirement for our aesthetic appearance and clear enunciation. No matter what we do, the condition of our teeth is a meaningful visiting card, by which we and our life circumstances are judged , whether we like it or not! implants Bangkok.

Tooth loss – what can be done?

In the course of life, teeth can be lost because of caries, gum disease , or accidents. A missing tooth can become noticeable functionally and aesthetically, so that our eating habits and our outward appearance are impaired. We would like to have a dental replacement, which is an inconspicuous as possible, and which should correspond completely to the natural model in function and appearance.

Conventional methods –and their disadvantages.

Natural teeth can be replaced by bridges or dentures. For bridges, healthy dental enamel as to be sacrificed by grinding the adjacent teeth. The gap in the row of teeth is closed by an intermediate element; however, the lost dental root is not replaced, which has consequences for the jawbone, because this will “atrophy” with time –it lacks the pressure from chewing transmitted by the root, which normally stimulates it to constant regeneration. Dentures lead for the same reason to a disappearance of the bone mass –an inescapable atrophy , and the denture has to be constantly corrected. The result is a denture, which often fits poorly and this impairs many who wear dentures greatly in their quality of life; in the extreme case, this can go so far that they generally avoid social contact.(implants Bangkok)


Dental implants – a “natural” solution.

Dental implants are the effective replacement for lost teeth. As anchors in the jawbone, dental implants form a stable foundation for permanent attachment of the crown; grinding of adjacent teeth does not take place, and loss of bone tissue by atrophy is prevented, since implants, as “artificial dental roots”, transmit the chewing forces into the jawbone. A single implant as root substitute is the most elegant way of achieving a cosmetically ideal closure of the gap. In completely edentulous jaws, dental implants are a secure fixation method for removable full dentures and so spare the patients the usual disadvantages of conventional “false teeth”.


How does a dental implant work?

The dental implant is a screw-shaped buttress, which replaces the natural dental root. The implant is inserted in the jawbone, where it will be firmly embedded by the bone after an average of 6-8 weeks. During this healing phase, dental implants are usually not covered by soft tissue, so a further surgical procedure is not required when the crown is attached.
Dental implants are made from commercially pure titanium. This material is integrated without complications by the body’s tissues, no allergical rejection reactions occur. Firm anchorage in the bone and harmonious adaptation of the gum margin to the implant body result in a solid foundation for reliable and long-lasting dental substitution.

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